Of all the questions to ask (who, what, where, and when being the competitors,) why is the most important one I have had to ask myself about beginning a blog. A why is necessary for me when beginning this type of endeavor, because without one I won’t know what to write, and you won’t know whether you want to listen. And, as a very wise man said, only 3% of people in this world write down their goals–and those are the goals that are achieved! So I set about to achieve my goals…

Why is there a blog in this space? What will it accomplish? I’m trying to give concrete statements here, so here’s my current thinking:

  • I love reading other peoples’ blogs. When I have the time I look up the blogs of my friends on the ever-useful Google Reader. It’s hard to talk to your friends in such detail as they will provide to a blog, on a regular basis.
  • I have lots of things I want to share with my friends. Browsing the internet, speaking with people, whenever I see something I love, I want to share it with the world. I am notorious for mass emails, sending links of relevance that I think others will find interesting, or trying to engage friends in a dialogue. Rather than continue to spam friends who don’t want to hear, or to exclude those who do, it’s all going to be here.
  • I think I have an interesting perspective on the world. Here is the ego, but I say it’s no greater than the ego of anyone who starts a blog, or otherwise shares a thought. Here is my perspective. I hope to connect with others who share similar perspectives.
  • I would like to teach. One goal here will be to explain some of my knowledge of filmmaking techniques, or any other specialized knowledge I have, in a way that anyone can understand and appreciate.

And now, why should you read my blog?

  • Engage in a dialogue. There is a comments field — use it! Send me back your thoughts so that any blog reader can read them. Trackbacks (links to my blog posts) show up on the bottom too.
  • Learn something, find something. There will be a big variety of things here – maybe you will like some and not others.
  • Stalk me. This blog is an invitation. (note that I mean stalk as in “facebook stalk”, following someone online. If I find you on my property I am calling the police!)

A framework – nothing new or surprising, but it was helpful to get out.