What This is Definitely Real really is

What This is Definitely Real really is

Last week I realized how early This is Definitely Real is.

In 2011, I made a line of t-shirts with QR codes on them. I wore them proudly around New York, and nobody understood or cared.

Last week at Art Basel, I wore one of the shirts and people LOVED it. It was a great idea, it was just 10 years early.

I'm getting enough distance from the insanity of our test release of Dared My Best Friend to start to play with the ideas and systems we created. I'm realizing again how powerful they are. And how early we are.

This is Definitely Real is how we tell stories when all the boundaries come crashing down. It's characters we create building social movements that change the world around us. It's how humanity dreams the future into existence. It's what happens when your iPhone makes cinematic holograms, when digital memories rewrite themselves, when the creator and consumer economies crash into one another.

This is Definitely Real is the glue that puts story, character, meaning, action, and you together. And we're so fucking early.

This is really exciting to me on a personal level because it means that after this massive expenditure of effort, I can chill, finish the movie, and keep talking about it and ideating as the next steps become clear. What a gift it is to have time, and to let go of the idea that we are too late.