They sent out links to my blog hilarious

They sent out links to my blog hilarious
From New Yorker Kanye tweets.

A few weeks ago I DJ’d at the Pumzika club – it was an epic failure of international music that I blogged about here. I thought it was pretty hilarious, if a bit frustrating at the time. I was pretty sure that the clientele would not appreciate my non-reggae&pop mix.

But hilariously, someone who read my blog at work forwarded it to someone, who forwarded it to someone, who sent it to the entire list of their organization (about 150 people.) This is called going viral, but it usually doesn’t happen in a UN compound…

A few days after the post people started coming up to me and telling me they’d read it. “Oh shit” was my typical first reaction, but it seems that for the most part people enjoyed it or found it amusing. A few thought I was legitimately upset, some agreed vehemently that people ought to open their minds to all forms of music, and the majority just thought I was dumb for not playing to the crowd.

All in all it was a good experiment, a bit awkward but also fun to have so many people read the blog. From the post:

Right around “House of Klezmer” and some David Guetta, the enthusiastic dancing gave way to manic discontent. The Kenyans, acting as a hive mind, came up with one way after another to get me to stop DJing. I had people running up to me asking for more reggae, more rap, requests which quickly gave way to demands that I give up the music. At the same time, I attracted every American in the club, one of whom outright asked for the whole mix on flash drive.

Dubstep was the tipping point, and my Tek-One track brought a flurry of discussion and an intervention from the bartender. Before I knew what was happening, another laptop was opened next to mine and a woman was playing with the audio cable that was attached to my computer. The cable I brought!