The microphone turning on

The microphone turning on

Some things I've been tossing around...

So what if...what we are experiencing today is the equivalent of a microphone being turned on that's never been on. We hear species-wide pain. And then we hear a powerful whine of feedback which affects the signal. In addition to this powerful new information is an overwhelming and painful whine.

When this happens with a microphone, we try to move things around so that it no longer produces painful feedback.

So what if...we are being pushed by this new awareness to create a new level of species consciousness that is capable of processing this level of input in an ordered fashion. What if we are a new brain, void of structure, awash with information and tasked with the challenge of making sense of it all anew.

We need to build the species-level neural structures that help us process the sheer amount of information. The prefrontal cortexes, the amygdalas. That will create order from this scale of information and scope of urgency.

The capitalist imperative that created social media and optimizes for continued attention is not serving this purpose, but the power of the tools it has created signals that we may be able to figure it out.

I don't know. What do you know? What do you think?