Talking to a Covid denier

Talking to a Covid denier

Well I gave a Covid denier a bunch of my time over a chat and it turned out to be a mistake. Sharing in case it helps you learn. I wish I could say anything other than "don't repeat my mistake."

It started when I left a group chat because people were super angry about vaccines with the zinger "Of all the chat rooms I'm in the 'conscious community' one is by far the angriest." She DM'd me and asked to talk. I said in my experience these things don't go well. She told me that clearly I don't care about my community if I'm not worried about death rates from vaccines. She commited to discussing.

She sent several walls of text and I said that I would only continue the discussion if we could pick two things, not change subject or move goalpost, and discuss them.

I picked well-documented excess deaths in 2020 and 5g. I asked her how it would be possible to fake the amount of evidence we have for excess deaths and what other cause there would be. And I asked her what syndrome specifically 5g causes, how long it takes for that syndrome to occur after turning on 5g, and why the Covid syndrome isn't correlated with 5g rollout.

She promised to get back to me but each message was another image meme or wall of text. In all she must have raised 200 points or so, but was unable to rebut the two of mine. From her perspective, it must have seemed absurd that I was ignoring "all the evidence". From mine, Jesus, I had rebuttals to everything she was saying but rebuttals require focus and not changing the subject.

In the end she went with "yes you were clear, but given that you don't seem to have the right side of your brain particularly active, your intuition and gut instinct, having a sense that something in this whole picture doesn't add up, you might find Dr Doepp's website helpful on brain switching as I'm guessing you're spending a lot of time on devices and don't even realise what's happening to your brain. Don't worry. Most people don't know."


The biggest thing I noticed was how hyped up I got when I was messaging. The tension and anger in my body. It's powerful and intense to want to be right.