Support our short film, Shabbat Dinner!

Support our short film, Shabbat Dinner!

This is the official announcement of a project I’ve been working on for the past several months: I am writer/director of a short film called Shabbat Dinner. Making a film is a labor of love, and I am happy to be able to share this process with you.

Shabbat Dinner introduces two high-school characters, William and Virgo, who are in the process of coming out, and the tensions that surround them and their families. It’s a film about coming to terms with truth universally, in all its forms. We hope that it will make an impression on as many people as possible through film festivals and online, and I am developing a TV show based around similar ideas.

Backing the project also makes you a part of it, and you can get everything from a copy of the DVD to a chance to put a part of yourself in the film! Making a movie is expensive, but it’s also really fun and we want you to join in.

Watch our video on the kickstarter page and if you can, I’d really appreciate you being a part of it. No amount is too small — really. Also, spreading the word is key to whether or not this project succeed. If you want to help us acheive our goal, can you also click the buttons below to share this on Facebook or Twitter?

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Thank you, and I hope this email finds you at a happy and healthy time in your life. You can watch us make the film by following updates at