Room for a new political movement

Room for a new political movement

When a third, highly viable, highly supported political orientation arises that is not supported by the polarity of opinions in government, there is room for a new political movement.

I used to say that the Democrats and Republicans are incredibly similar. The differences have grown: the Republicans are much more supportive of dictatorship in the Trump administration.

Still, there is a tremendous gap between both of them and what a lot of people want. We want transparency, openness, and an authentic concern for the well being of people over corporations. The two establishment parties pay lip service to this, but it is clear by their actions that this is not their priority.

Over the next five years, I would like to see a new debate along the political axis of corporate interests versus the interests of the people. This would require a new political party based on honesty, transparency, and accountability to the people.

One way this could go is an alliance between people who have traditionally been in each party: AOC and her tribe on one side, and I'm not sure who on the other, agreeing to work together on their differences to combat the encroachment of the big in the name of the powerless.

This would be a difficult political calculus for AOC and co: deciding that the needs of the marginalized are better served by an alliance that fights encroachment on civil liberties and theft from the public, at the same time letting go of working within the Democratic Party to get things done.

Another way this could happen is for a completely new group to arise which somehow sidesteps our ingrained perspective that frames everything political as a debate between these two parties and "sides" of America.

However it happens, the true challenge will be figuring out how to be authentic about caring for the people in a way that is heard. That is a tremendous challenge in these times of branding, lying, and spin. People are jaded and distrustful.

I believe that the same sentiment elected Obama, brought about the tea party, and elected Trump. People know they are being lied to and want change. The challenge is that each of these movements became ultimately disappointing for many Americans, in part because they were not genuine and in part because the us-vs-them tools of spin and rhetoric invalidated the authentic parts of those movements for some. But that sentiment is still there, and I believe it can be captured.

What do you think?