Projects projects projects

Projects projects projects

I’ve taken a much-needed break from the blog and spent some time in the real world which, for all its problems, has the advantage of being real. But now I’m back, and it’s looking to be a busy year.

The question “so what are you doing these days?” is so difficult because the answer takes about five minutes. It’s everything and nothing, I’m busy but I’m not. It will be different tomorrow and was different yesterday. Here’s what it is right now:

1/3 of my focus is devoted to my current internship and freelance work, 1/3 is devoted to finding a steady job in film, and the other 1/3 is focused on personal screenplays, videos, and pitches. Videos and pitches are always preliminary until they happen, and it is in the nature of this industry that they often do not happen. The failure of these endeavors is always a useful experience. A contact may come out of it, or the germ of another proposal or project, or a useful exercise much like an academic paper. But take that to mean that many of these projects will never see the light of day except in this casual mention.

Here’s a few of the projects I am working on and will be blogging about in the future. Want to work together? We’ll talk!

  • I’m pitching a video art installation. An immersive exhibit, with televisions and video cameras placed all around the installation connecting visitors with themselves and others. The effect of time and causality dissolves and visitors are left to explore their own desire to observe others. Facial recognition and other technologies are leveraged to turn the entire exhibit into a platform that can be extended through programming and placed into other spaces around the world. (If that was gibberish, just know it will be really awesome and the most interesting peoplewatching experience you’ve ever had. If I can make it happen this will go up in New York this year.)
  • I’m writing a miniseries on a young teenager coming to terms with his homosexuality, family, and the corrupted value systems of his town. It’s going to be about five seasons and take him through different locales, many phases of his life, and loads of interesting characters.
  • I’m brainstorming a web startup relating to internet video.
  • Oh right, I really. Need. A job.

Combine all that with the hope of continuing to work with Oren Jacoby, Mirra Bank on First Pitch, Susan Campos, Andy Suzuki on a music video, and new projects with a number of different people, and it’s looking like some great movies will be made.