Preproduction on my next film, "Shabbat Dinner"

Preproduction on my next film, "Shabbat Dinner"
Zabars and kids, oh my!

What a whirlwind pre-production is! I’ve spent much of the month with producer Aidan Levy (NYT and VillVoice) working on my short film, “Shabbat Dinner,” which I wrote and will direct.

The film is about a Friday night Shabbat dinner on the Upper West Side, where the two 15-year old sons discover they are interested in each other sexually. It’s a coming-out story that has not been told in the mainstream media, and I’m looking forward to having a chance to open this dialogue.

After writing the script, we began our search for actors, an apartment, and funds. The actors are mostly settled (though if you know any fifteen-year-olds who like to act let me know), and so is the location.

We’ll be opening up a kickstarter campaign to raise the few thousand dollars we need for the film, and if you are interested in learning more, sign up with your email in the top right corner or check this blog on Thursday. You’ll be able to sign up for many things, including an advance copy of the DVD, an early screening in New York, and a credit in the film.

Next up is the actual shoot, which will be the first or second weekend of November. I’ve never directed kids before and I’m thrilled to do something with an ensemble cast, so this should be a lot of fun. Once we shoot it, we’ll have a whirlwind week of editing and sound scoring.

Making film is a roller coaster, and  each stage of it brings new anxiety and cause for celebration. I could probably find an excuse to celebrate about something relating to this film every other night – the other nights I’d feel like the world is ending.

More on this as the date gets closer!