Lily in the Grinder screening on April 1st!

Lily in the Grinder screening on April 1st!

Cast crew & you screening
April 1 // 7pm
Anthology Film Archives
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If you’ve followed its journey on Facebook, you know that though Lily in the Grinder is a short film, it’s taken the work of over 50 people and the better part of a year to produce. I’m really, really excited now to take off the curtain and finally show it to you.

The film is headed to film festivals, art galleries, and private screenings, but before it leaves I would like to welcome you to this special screening with the cast and crew. We will show the film, do a Q&A with actors David Gregory, Dan Amboyer, and Kesav Wable and producer Stefanie Coimbra, then give you the chance to watch a special version of the film with only Rafaël Leloup’s original string quartet score.

We’re getting close to filling this 175-seat theater so please RSVP soon!

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Also this is not an April Fool’s joke…we think…but I am happy about the date.

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Hope to see you there,

Synopsis: Ryan looks for a job.
Kaleidoscopic, operatic, and layered, Lily in the Grinder explores meaning through sex, death, and time.
We already are everything we will ever be.

“One of the best uses of film I have ever seen” – audience member at IFP preview screening

Watch trailer: