Happy Shabbat Dinner review

Happy Shabbat Dinner review

Wow wow. I try not to live and die by audience approval, but it really hits home when there's a review like this.

"Only one of the five [movies in Green Briefs] manages to transcend its narrow issue to touch people in ANY kind of situation ANYWHERE. That exception is Shabbat Dinner. [...] The fact that Shabbat Dinner most boldly announces its narrow, Jewish focus and then explodes that narrowness is tribute to its courage and the skill with which it was made.

Even more remarkable is that Shabbat Dinner's "skill" is not at all apparent in the beginning. It is by far the worst looking and sounding, the least professional movie of the five. [...] Viewers who like to criticize "production values" will have a field day with it.

What it does, though, and does with astonishing power, is capture the thrilling awkwardness of adolescent sexuality like no other movie I have ever seen. The two boys could not be clumsier, less cool, less attractive to an outsider. They are not at all beautiful physically, but they discover something in each other of such raw, irresistible power that they crash into each other like stars colliding in the center of a galaxy. It is joyful and breathtaking, and it transforms those two graceless, pimply adolescents boys into something far more beautiful than the most idolized star in Hollywood...

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