Filming finished! Editing begun!

Filming finished! Editing begun!

(this is also cross-posted on our Kickstarter.)

Well, thanks to your support, we filmed last weekend over Saturday and Sunday. The shoot went fantastically and I hope to put up some video from it soon, but for now I am steadily editing, editing. I’ve got a rough cut of the first few scenes done and hope to get the whole film broadly edited by the end of the week.

Don’t let that make you think this thing is almost done! After the rough cut, the real work begins. We’ll speak to musicians about scoring the film and refine the edit in conjunction with them. Then comes an advanced, detailed process of sound editing and color work. Especially on a quick and dirty production like the one we’ve done, it benefits a lot from meticulous work done in editing.

We’ll probably be having some test screenings to get feedback on the film – watch this space for an invitation!

Still hoping to have the film done by end of January, at which point we’ll have a premiere party and begin releasing it to festivals. More important than getting it done on time, though, is getting it done right, which we aim to do!

Much love and a happy Thanksgiving. I know what I’m thankful for…