A quick update

A quick update
From flickr user threecee.

The mid-Atlantic is beautiful in April. My friends who went through the bitter winter get angry at me for saying that – the sun doesn’t bake down and it’s certainly not swimsuit weather. Coming from a 60°F purgatory, 40°F is so refreshing when standing in a jacket.. Leaves are starting to grow and the changing of the seasons is electric in the air.

It’s been a big change for me, too. I just got an apartment on 48th and 9th, in Hell’s Kitchen. Midtown is a perfect area – it’s bustling and central to the rest of New York. It’s got cheap delicious ethnic food, proximity to Broadway and Central Park, and more homosexuals than a Cher concert. I’m subletting with two great roommates, found on Craigslist. Jordan, Sam, Maddie and I are looking into a place starting in June.

I’m no longer working with Edge With Jake (for now). I’m working two days per week for Moxie Firecracker films transcribing documentary footage and as an assistant editor for Isaac Solotaroff, a documentary filmmaker in NY. Pretty exciting stuff, really.

I’m going to begin a plan to get back into shape that will probably include joining a gym, taking dance/Pilates lessons, and running in Central Park.

I’m also starting to break out my video camera. I’d like to do some shooting this weekend so if anyone wants to run around New York and record things let me know. I’m also turning back to a few scripts and polishing those – a short film and a few features, more of the writing thing.

How is everyone else doing? I want to hear stories!