A beautiful day

A beautiful day

It really is. Five days until I leave for Minneapolis, and eleven until I touch down in New York. I’ve got people to meet with, friends to see, on both coasts and in between, and I’m taking every quiet pause I can to catch a breath before jumping into this whirlwind. I feel like Bastian from the Neverending Story, standing on the brink of a waterfall and jumping into it – I don’t know what I might find at the bottom, but what a ride it’s going to be!

I’ve been reflecting on the changes afoot in this world, and how grateful I am that it has miraculously become the world I was hoping for. Quicker and faster-paced, more nimble. For the first time the United States feels like an world-aware country and Los Angeles feels like an international city. True democracy comes closer and closer (that might be a delusion, it also feels as far away as it ever was) and we have more connection that we ever have had before (fake, non-real connection – but some of it is real and all of it is magic!) There are signs that we are starting to care more about other people, other countries, the environmental consequences of what we do. Gay rights is almost an anachronism in a few small bubbles of this country, with reason to believe those bubbles are expanding.

Economic times are tough, but our emotional IQs have never been higher.

And Barack Obama. Mr., Senator, President, Chief Executive of All That is Right Again Obama.

I wonder if every generation gets this feeling in their mid-twenties?