The 400 Blows Photo Project

The 400 Blows Photo Project

Apologies to my millions of followers for never updating this blog 🙂

I’ve been working in Paris with Ted Walch, who teaches drama at Harvard-Westlake (you can see this amazing tribute the school paid to him last month here) and Philippe Thimel, who has an encyclopedic understanding of Paris, to do a photo project.

We’ve been running around this city taking nearly every outdoor shot from The 400 Blows, matching them as closely as we can. We look at the shots on an iPad, match the focal length and location as best we can, and snap modern equivalents. It’s striking to see the differences and similarities between Paris in the 1950s and today.

We’re still deciding what to do with them, but we’re considering a book or something. To learn when they are available, sign up for updates!

Take a look at the three teaser photos here:

The original shot
The shot today