November: Special ONLINE screening plus screenings all over the world

I sent this email out last week:

Hi everyone! Hope those of you in the Northeast are hunkered down and staying safe.Shabbat Dinner just won the Audience Choice Award at the Barcelona G&L Film Festival. What an incredible festival run! This month we screened in 13 cities and three countries, and if you still haven’t gotten to see it you have seven chances in November.Join us for a special ONLINE screening of the film and sneak preview of Next To You, a music video collaboration with Brooklyn-based artist Blue Kid!

If you’re one of the first 50 people to sign up, you’ll get tickets at a reduced price!

The screening will be followed by a Q&A featuring:

Chris London Dawn Yanek Peter Tedeschi Michael Morgenstern
Also in New York and Santa Barbara:
  • November 8 @7pm – Crown Heights Film Festival, FiveMyles (info)
  • November 10 @6:30pm – ZERO Film Festival, Ran Tea House (info and tickets)
  • November 10 @1:30pm – OutRageous Santa Barbara (info and tickets)
  • November 14 @6:30pm – TBALA, Gay & Lesbian Ivy League alumni, hosting a dinner that will also feature a reading from anthology “The Letter Q”, People Lounge (tickets)
And abroad:
  • Nov 10 @2pmPrague, CZ – Mezipatra (info, tickets at venue)
  • Nov 11 @5:45pm – Prague, CZ – Mezipatra (info, tickets at venue)
  • Nov 14 @3:30pm – Prague, CZ – Mezipatra (info, tickets at venue)
  • Nov 21 @6:30pm – Brno, CZ – Mezipatra (info, tickets at venue)
  • Dec 2 @3pm – Montreal, Image Nation (opening for North Sea Texas, info and tickets)

It’s another thing entirely to see the film as part of an audience, and I hope that you join us this month!

Next To You music video sneak preview



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