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Everest Residency 1: Beach House

I spent the month of April following the band Everest around their New York residency. It was a truly awesome experience getting to know the band and see them behind the scenes for a sustained amount of time. As Eli said, this kind of sustained band experience in a place outside their home town is unusual and excellent.

Thanks to Russell, Eli, Jason, Joel, and Kyle for being great companions throughout the month, and Christine, ATO Records, and Corona for making it happen! You can listen to (for free!) and buy their new album Ownerless with commentary from the band at their site. I’m doing it right now, and—wow.

Here’s the first video — I’ll be posting more as they go up:

It’s also available on my new film site, Everything is Film. The site will be my pro video face to the world, but my brain will continue to be hooked up (albeit echoey and delayed) to this site, soon to be

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Happy World Refugee day

A shoe on the ground in Ifo camp, Dadaab, Kenya

Over 30 million refugees and internally displaced people live around the world, separated from their homes.

Zooming out…

At least one billion people have been hurt, killed, or had their lives destroyed because we have been unable as a human race to be compassionate enough (and take the right collective action) to take the steps and make the sacrifices necessary to end hunger and war.

There are passive and active ways this is perpetuated, and simple and complex solutions. But if we were to only focus on the active means and the simple solutions, even that would transform this world.

Give money to a cause if you would like to…but more importantly, sometime this week, take an hour to google around and educate yourself about the political situation refugees find themselves in. Your money alone isn’t going to solve this problem.