The Refugee – newsletter from Dadaab

The Refugee newsletter

The folk at FilmAid in Dadaab have made two issues of The Refugee newsletter recently. It’s amazing to read the stories of what people go through day in and day out in their own words. This is what we try to do with film, but with the slow speed of the internet text comes even faster.

Very worth a read. Take a look here.



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  1. abdirizak farah-cige 24 April 2012 at 1:14 am #

    i would like to thank those who put the concerted efforts to make this vioce heard. basically i am ex-resident of dagahaley refugee camp, but currently living in the USA. with your ferocious dedication and hardwork we stay informed of the appalling conditions in dadaab, and more importantly the the news of Dadaab. with out your hardwork and tenacity; we wouldn’t have gotten this newsletter. thanks guys

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