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The Unbearable Lightness of Cabbage

Whoever said

Later that night, the cabbage traveling through the sewer system began an unstoppable chain of events which led to World War III.

Proposition for a new Zak naming structure

“Sorry Zach, your name doesn’t fit on my binary.”

Some development on privacy standards

Glad to see that senator Richard Blumenthal reads my blog!

From me in June, 2010:

My effective regulation strategy is certification. Agree upon several tiers of privacy awareness through a consensus-building process. As an example, the lowest-tier level would include deleting data immediately from a database when it is deleted on the site (Facebook probably has photos you deleted years ago) and protecting personal data from employees. A higher tier would require all privacy-related changes to be opt-in.

And from NYT this morning:

“The goal of the proposed law is essentially to hold accountable the companies and entities that store personal information and personal data and to deter data breaches,” Senator Blumenthal said in a phone interview. ”While looking at past data breaches, I’ve been struck with how many are preventable.”

It’s actually a sharply different mechanism than certification, focusing on more basic security measures and enforcing them unilaterally. These are more security-focused than consumer privacy-focused; the equivalent of ensuring that a bank keeps your money in a very strong safe, but not actually mandating how much cash on hand it is required to carry.

I’d love to see privacy measures go even further, and the establishment of privacy certification authorities, legally bolstered by legislation, would be a good start. There are so many practices that are completely unregulated, like the example I used in my post: when you delete a photo on Facebook, the server keeps it. We could establish a certification structure in which this practice would put Facebook on the lowest tier unless they change the policy.

Some beautiful Burning Man images from Reuters

From this Daily Mail article.

This face connected straight to my heart – it’s a face I saw so many times on the Playa. (I don’t know what was going on in her head, but to me) it speaks of majesty, awe and pain that there can be so much beauty in the world.

"Christy Lynn cries after spreading her grandmother's ashes at the Temple pf Transition"

O hai helicopter