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Video dance shoot last night

Owen David and I collaborated before on a film for his dance showcase, and we wanted to do one more collaboration before he left for dance school in Ohio. Last night was a six-hour insane experiment in tempura paint, cloth, lights, and dance. We’re not sure what it’s about, but we think it’s about America.

The most memorable part was when I was standing 7ft up on a ladder and a branch fell 30 feet and hit me squarely on the head and shoulder. Surprisingly I did not fall off the ladder or die, and a CAT Scan showed no damage (you think I’m kidding..)

Thanks to Stefan for his generous help in obtaining the equipment, Alejandro, Tim and Dan for your awesome help and vibe-setting, and of course Owen, Sarah, and Amy for willing to do pretty much anything in the name of art.

Check out some low quality, non color-corrected preview pics.

From Preview shots from today’s shoot, posted by Michael Morgenstern on 7/30/2011 (6 items)

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Chase no Face

an LED projector, a hacked Kincet, a beautiful music video. Code, software, light, music.

Chase No Face / BELL from zach lieberman on Vimeo.

Watch this film about Dadaab

These are the people on which the world has turned its back. This is where I lived for three months. You haven’t seen these images before – if you care about human rights, you must watch this film. Then read Liz Manne’s blog post about what is happening now with FilmAid and Kenya. Something terrible and wonderful is going on and it will move you.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of Liban Rashid, a brilliant participatory video project student of FilmAid’s, a refugee living in the Dadaab camp. He tells the awful story of Dadaab’s plight with elegance and grace, and communicates so effectively to an international audience.

This is what it looks like when FilmAid works.

BORN in 2011 party playlist


Download now: BORNin/2011

I had a really fun party a few weeks ago and got a bunch of requests for the playlist, so I’m making it available online. It’s mostly mashups, a bit of danceable electronic music, and a lot of stuff you’ll want to sing along to. I hope you enjoy.

Set your player (iTunes does this too) to a 3 second crossfate.

Read the full song list after the jump: Continue reading “BORN in 2011 party playlist” »