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Archive for March, 2011

Rest in peace, grandma

My honored grandmother, a beloved mother and wife, Mary Clemens, died March 29, 2011 after 97 long, happy, and graceful years.

You will be remembered for your smile and your generosity, your unique perspective, and the quiet patience and strength you applied to every challenge you ever faced. You will be missed always - rest in peace.

Making plans in NYC

Things have been a little crazy which is why no updates. Intense at FilmAid including a few weeks down in Haiti screening the presidential debates. Intense personally – I’ve been trying and failing to focus on a screenplay for an application that’s due in a few days, and instead made this fun xtranormal film. It’s about making plans in New York (though it applies anywhere.) Enjoy!

Send me a text – remix

With some soundcloud beats, to follow my xtranormal video.

I am not getting any writing done today…

Send me a text by mjmfilms