Predictions for the Apple Tablet




Buzz buzz buzz. It’s fun to make predictions. The Apple Tablet (which we presume will
be launched today) has been on everyones’ mind and blog, and im going to join in and predict things on top of what we already think we know. Let’s see how I do:

  • newspapers, magazines, blogs, and books (duh). Following the New York Times’ recent announcement, more content sites that have been “forced” into providing free content to compete will bet that on a closed device that makes it easy to pay, people will.
  • A transaction system. This is the buzz-idea of the year. The iPhone platform will now include a way to use your iTunes account to pay for anything. Expect an app, and an RFID chip in future iPhones that works with tap-to-pay credit card machines.
  • A cloud-based, touch-screen version of iWork. This has been suggested before and makes sense. Google Docs and other services encourage you to not care what kind of computer you are using. Apple has an incentive to change that.
  • Cloud music and sync. It’s time has come. Access your library of purchased tracks even if they’re not on your iPod. Do a full sync if you’re on wifi. I’d bet money that Google will be implementing this on the Android platform, and Apple also has a lot to lose in competition with “radio” services like Pandora.
  • The “Verizon” iPhone will accomplish this through 4G compatibility. The current Verizon network uses CDMA technology, which is not compatible with the rest of the world. Integrating it would serve little purpose when the 4G “LTE” technology will be compatible. Using thus assumption, this iPhone will not be ready until closer to September. You may not even see it announced.
  • iPhone 4.0 software will not come out today. When it does (in the next few months) it will allow anyone with current iProducts to buy these magazines, etc. with those products.
  • A matte screen or new screen technology, making it look less backlit and more like a book. Im not as sure about this one
  • Apple’s stock price will drop today, because people are bonkers.

Ah, tablet.



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