Music video: 2-3 weeks out

This music video thing is really happening! Mark is fully on board, we have an incredible DP (Vadim Putimtsev) and I am meeting with costume / set designers tomorrow. All we are missing is camera equipment, and I have been upturning every rock I know to find a RED or HVX camera for the 3-day shoot. On Thursday we will hold auditions for three male and one female roles, and in about two weeks we will shoot this thing!

Do you know any, or are you a good-looking actresses who would like to be in a music video? Email us!

An idea of the tasks on my plate now as a Director/Producer on a tiny no-budget shoot:

  • choose from among a number of talented costume designers and work on the individual wacky elements we want to include
  • work with the DP to draw a storyboard, shot by shot
  • find 3 good-looking men, one good-looking female, and a PA to help out on days of the shoot
  • get a cheap or free camera
  • ensure that we have everything we need: a laptop to download footage as we shoot it, a stabilization system for smooth shots, and a dozen other things
  • schedule it all to be in the right place at the right time

Below is a gallery of the photos I just sent to Vadim to get the juices flowing on the look of the video. It’s helpful to start with collages and images to get on the same page with things, and I thought you dear readers might want to dig the images.

Stay tuned for more. We’re planning on a release party in late August.



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