Love, on a loop

Martini love magnet

so it seemed...

This would make for a very funny video art installation:

A couple friends and I went to a swanky hotel bar tonight. We usually go to more mellow places (and did afterward,) but the peoplewatching is sometimes more fun in swankville.

Across the table from us was a man, who was quickly joined by a woman with two full drinks in martini glasses. They chatted occasionally but spent more time downing their drinks, looking around the bar, and staring into one another’s eyes. Two rounds of very alcoholic drinks, and they raised their eyebrows at each other and left for the elevator.

Within two minutes another couple sat down–the woman also to our left and the man to our right. He ordered two martinis and they downed them quickly. She stared at him, flitting her fingers back and forth across his shoulder. He ordered another two. They didn’t talk much. She sucked all three olives in her martini down at once, then the drink soon after. They quickly left.

We thought this was hilarious – a revolving door of precoitus boozing, we thought. And how strange that it happened in succession and with the woman sitting on the same side both times. It was like watching a video art installation.

And then–dear reader, this is not a joke–within two minutes a third couple sat down with mixed drinks. They looked into each others’ eyes but mostly gazed around the room, downing their drinks.



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