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About three years ago I found a beautiful antiwar film, with haunting images set to Imogen Heap’s Hide And Seek. I watched it many times and many friends greatly appreciated it. When searching for it recently, though, I saw that it had been taken down by YouTube. I was determined to find it, though, and messaged the creator on YouTube. A discussion followed, and my expression of interest in his film prompted him to repost it for all to see. Watch and share this beautiful film now that it is back out there:

My favorite part is “trains and sewing machines.”

His description:

It’s been a long time since I did this movie and looking at it now has been interesting experience. All of the anger at the lies and wanton destruction came racing back. The events in New York City of the last week with the SUV bomber and the very different outcome have sharpened these feelings.
This week we saw the response we should have seen on 9/11/2001. A police action to catch criminals. 9/11 as a declaration of war is the largest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people and the reverberations will continue for decades. This film is about the real war of Iraq, which was waged by the USA government against the people of Iraq and against the people who were unfortunate enough to be serving our nation at this worst possible time.

From his email to me:

Just a couple of notes on the video.  The hide and seek video was story-boarded during my weekly five-hour commutes to/from my last gig in Ohio.  The song had haunted me for months and I had a remarkable experience of suddenly seeing the words from a different perspective.  The spiral binder filled with the images for the lyrics in a few hours.  The hunt for images took a couple of months.  I was prowling radical websites to find images of the carnage and the stuff I found was bone chilling.  Those images would haunt anyone for a long time.  These sites have all been taken down now, I don’t know where they went.
When the photos of the returning soldier’s caskets were first released and then suppressed, I had already downloaded dozens of them, which led to the faces of the American citizens who were damaged, dead, or bereft with grief over the loss of their loved one.

I had many views on youtube and I made several attempts to contact Imogen Heap, via her website, to obtain permission to use the music but never got a response.  The comments on youtube were especially valuable to me, very little hate, a lot of strong reaction to the images and the music, very personal reactions.  That was very satisfying to me in that the shared expression of guilt and remorse somehow raises the general level of awareness of how such things can happen in our society… maybe… perhaps…

In any case, thanks for your interest.  As far as myself, right now, I am a house-husband, living with my wife for the first time since we got together eight years ago.  I’ve been on the road since 1998, working from China to the former East Germany.  Shareholders of manufacturing firms hire me to restructure, repair, revitalize, (sometimes save) their business.

I am also a programmer from the past (assembler, fortran, cobal, pascal, ada, module2) attempting to learn the modern technology (c, c++, objective c) to explore whether my skills are transferable to today and the possibility of a home business.  If not, I will be back on the road by October, probably working in Europe again.

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