Why I hate MSN Messenger

From Flickr

From Flickr

I am currently logged onto MSN Messenger to chat with a friend who has it. Since I use Adium, once it’s set up I barely know it’s running. But once I sign on, the floodgates are opened and I am assaulted by all manners of strange European-seeming people with odd names. Like this gem of a conversation I had this morning:

11:22:42 AM hotsie totsie: hi
11:23:36 AM hotsie totsie: how are u doing ?
11:28:36 AM hotsie totsie: where are u from man ?
11:30:14 AM Michael Morgenstern: who the hell are you
11:30:19 AM Michael Morgenstern: and why have you immed me like 5 times in the past year?
11:30:49 AM hotsie totsie: just trying to make conversation man




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