What would you do?

from kelvin_luffs

from kelvin_luffs

If somebody gave you $10,000 right now for a project, what would it be? How about one million dollars? Or the resources of a national ad campaign?

Your answer reveals what you want for the world and yourself. If you don’t have an answer, consider what you most want to accomplish right now and throughout your life. If asked now, I would produce films that I have written – a short with the $10,000 and a feature with the one million.

More than a simple thought experiment, the question gets at a key maxim in life: while being at the right place at the right time is how most people achieve success, it is very important to be prepared. Not that you will necessarily do this, even if you did have the money, but an awareness of what you want to accomplish can inform your everyday actions. So whether it is a project in the pipeline or a greater dream, what would you do?

And once you have a $10,000 project in mind, it begs the question: what’s stopping you from raising the money and doing it?



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