Watch Lifelines this month in NY and LA

I really want to let you know about a movie that Sam Levine and I saw this weekend, Lifelines. The film is playing in New York and Los Angeles. It was directed by an acquaintance, Rob Margolies, who is still in his 20s and has accomplished this amazing feat. It’s brilliantly directed (really), well-cast and acted, and a pretty good story. There was never a dull moment and we both enjoyed it very much.

The way independent film distribution tends to work is, if nobody goes to see it then the film goes out of the theater. It’s engaged until this Thursday, and will only be renewed if people go see it. So check it out before Thursday if you can!

It’s at Quad Cinema on 13th Street about 5x/day in New York, and starts later this month in LA. Check the website at



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