Waiting for justice

Tomorrow morning at 10am, the California Supreme Court will announce its ruling on Proposition 8. We’ve been waiting since the November election for a verdict on the constitutionality of this ballot measure: can the California population vote on a measure that restricts a preexisting right of other citizens? Also, what will be the legal status of those married in California before the ballot measure was passed?

For an in-depth case against prop 8, you can of course read wikipedia, your friendly NPOV news source.

Also please take a look at the excellent publicity campaign Get to Know Us First:

The campaign is notable for a few reasons. It was spawned by a man who was upset with the Proposition 8 campaign and its refusal to use images of actual gay and lesbian couples (due to a misguided fear of offending voters), and who had the desire to put those images on television. With a few skilled friends and some spare time, he created six 30-second PSAs, put them online, and started an online campaign to raise money and put them on television. This new media model for activism is an awesome example of how the internet is democratizing older forms of media – the market segmentation of cable makes it ideal to target a grassroots political message on a budget. (For another organization doing similar things, check out saysme.tv.



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