ADD you ain’t got nothing on me.

What a year / move to New York / 2009 Earworm mashup / Gaga is a Real Artist / WHY DO WE avert our eyes to the suffering in the world? HOW DO WE MAKE every action a positive one? There’s no hyperlink on this one, no answer but ourselves. / Jon Stewart rocks / just went to the Museum of the City of New York with Adam Lubitz. Very cool. / grateful to my roomates and friends in New York and from Brown / Tedblog is sheer brilliance, every word / Maha you’re a genius / the greatest Pandora station I have made – Ben Harper brings out the best in music / that I listened to while paintingshoes / The New York Times / Digital Democracy / Nate Silver / craigslist / online dating is a real adventure / oh did i mention new york? / pragmatism can be evil. it is important not just to act to achieve a good outcome but to LIVE ACCORDING TO PRINCIPLE FOR NO END BUT ITS OWN / Sari sold a photo to Urban Outfitters that is now in stores–off of Flickr! / David is conquering that which he must conquer / Mom is writing again / Dad is living with grace / eat when you are hungry, sleep when you are tired. / hoping to actually coordinate a family reunion this year / hoping to be successful doing what i love / everyone is a programmer now / i HATE the brand of one / I am the brand of one. / masturbation / going on a road trip to Florida with some of my best friends, and seeing some of my best friends / a Catholic priest is driving (craigslist!) / Boston NYC Atlanta Richmond, endless possibility / it is a sublime honor to share this life with all of you you / be the change you wish to see in the world </insight>




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