keeps on slipping into the future…

I apologize for the dearth of blog posts recently; it’s for good reason. My friend Tucker always liked to say to me that busy people discover they have more time in the day than they’d though, and that’s been very true.

Between working two internships for a total of 10a-6p Mon-Fri, editing the next episode of DdTv (my favorite and the most powerful one yet), looking for a job, planning for (possibly two) music video shoots, a shoot with a nonprofit, juggling about five business plans in my head, quitting caffeine this week (again,) my mom visiting this weekend, and a bunch of social engagements, I’m partly going insane and partly getting great practice and riding the waves and not stressing the to-do list.

And I just started using Remember the Milk – let’s see where that goes.

I hope this finds everybody happy and healthy, and I hope to update the ol’ blog more soon.



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