Machacks: Some recommended apps

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On the theme of mac use, I’d like to share some of the productivity apps that I have found useful and productive. I’ve been asked a number of times what I use and others have found these recs helpful – and they’re all free! Feel free to share your own in the

Monolingual – This saves about 3 GB from your hard drive by going through and deleting all the language files that you won’t need. Check which languages you want to keep (don’t forget English!) and which apps you don’t want to remove it from (be sure to disable Adobe and Microsoft apps) and watch as your computer sheds the gigs. You can even strip applications of their PowerPC code and gain a LOT of space, though I don’t recommend it.
Cocktail – clean up your computer’s dusty parts and fix things like preference files to solve problems (free trial version, have to buy it eventually.) A great tool if you’ve got some problems on your mac.

Adium – I use Adium for chat, and it’s the best client I have found to integrate Google Talk, AIM, Facebook, Yahoo!, and MSN. It’s even got Skype plugins!
TweetDeck – If you think you don’t like Twitter, withhold your judgement till you try it with TweetDeck. The ability to see @replies, search for things on Twitter, segment friends into groups, and even translate tweets!
Evernote – a great way to take notes and keep them in sync across different computers and phones.

Tree Style Tab
for Firefox – Put your tabs on the side of Firefox. Tabs show up as a tree and you can tell which tab spawned which tab. Try it – it’s awesome.



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