Launch of Digital Democracy TV!

I’ve been involved for a few months with the good folks at Digital Democracy, who are working with groups around Burma’s border to bring better communication technology to the region. It began with a study by co-founders Emily Jacobi and Mark Belinsky, which found a correlation between access to technology and self-identification as an activist. They have since been striving to improve the ability of leaders in the area to hold meetings and exchange ideas through technology.

My time with Digital Demoocracy began with an interview in May with a brief interview. After asking about my interests in the project, skils, and time commitment, Mark said casually, “just out of curiosity, what kinds of technology do you use?” When I told them about my MacBook and iPhone, a relieved smile passed over Mark’s face. “I’m going to like working here,” I thought.

Next week Mark and Emily leave for the Burma border region, and we’re launching a TV show that chronicles their adventures as they happen. Myself and another intern will be editing it from the US Subscribe via RSS or just visit the page from time to time: I will also be posting periodic updates on this blog.

In other news, the Sophie Barthes event was a complete success. Meeting her and Andrij was excellent, and they had a lot of insightful things to say about filmmaking and where true inspiration comes from. Thanks to everyone who came, and do check out Cold Souls this weekend! I leave in a few hours for Rhode Island for the film festival; it will be nice to see old friends and make some awesome new ones!



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