I'm Back

Ladies and Gentlemen who have been dutifully following my blog,

I apologize that there has been nothing to dutifully follow. I have thrown myself into a number of terribly exciting endeavors, which I will explain over the next few days. I’m working with a Darfur-related organization, an acting conservatory affiliated with NYU, and doing some freelance editing. I am in the final stages of interviewing for a job at Apple, and am continuing my employment search for other opportunities.

I’ve been visiting friends over weekends. This weekend 30 alumni from my fraternity (AEPi) descended on New York; I hosted 7 of them. In two weeks we host a party, and in three my film premieres at the RI International Film Festival in a few weeks (I’ll have the exact date soon.)

Another thing changing is the priority of this blog, and I promise I am back for the summer to regale you with tales of just about everything under the sun!



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