I wish that everyone had a blog

Let me qualify that: I wish that everyone had a blog and put interesting things in it.

I’ve got about 100 subscriptions in my Google Reader. Some of them, like an automated Craigslist jobsearch, I never read, but I always refresh for the “Friends” group of blogs. Recent active ones include Rebecca’s adventures as a new teacher in Arizona, Maha’s always excellent political commentary, and Max’s spot-on discussions of national events. But that’s not all. There’s Thesy’s experiences being an actress in Hollywood, Mark’s exploration of international justice and tech, and a few more. But what’s missing is your voice.

We do live in a narcissistic “me” generation, a world where we often talk at our screens rather than to each other. But this phenomenon is not inherent in our technology, it is just an unfortunate result of it. The reality is that, in this post-college world of ours, everyone’s sphere of acquaintences is severely constrained. We have lost much of the synergistic community of thinkers, doers, and artists who once roamed together on campus. Blogging and the internet lets us recapture some of that.

But back to my qualifier: think critically about what is interesting. I try to do it and sometimes fail, but this blog is an endeavor to never say what I had for breakfast–or lunch, even. You inhabit a unique corner of the world. What may seem mundane to you — your job, your industry, your personal life, your observations — is probably very interesting to some. You know things others do not, find funny YouTube videos others do not, and think thoughts others do not. I do not know any boring people.

So don’t listen to the voice in your head saying it’s a stupid thought and you aren’t interesting enough. Let out the texture of your life to your friends – at the very least, you’ll have me as an audience.



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  1. I wish that everyone had a blog. http://bit.ly/V8gIA

  2. I wish that everyone had a blog. http://bit.ly/V8gIA

  3. Rebecca 13 October 2009 at 1:31 am #

    you’re a great audience to have, too! I appreciate your comments and knowing that you’re reading keeps me writing.

    know that you have me reading too… i love this blog!

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