Disappointed but not discouraged

from HuffPost

from HuffPost

I am disappointed, but I have hope. In a 6-1 decision, the California Supreme Court upheld the discriminatory Proposition 8 but affirmed the legality of same-sex marriages performed before its passing. They claimed that because same-sex couples have all the same rights but without the name ‘marriage,’ the term itself is not sacrosanct. The ruling was expected based on the court’s comments during oral arguments.

Coverage on the supreme court decision is everywhere (if you need a place to start you can look here and here.) While there is much to be sad about today, it’s not the same bleak world in which Prop 8 was passed. Even with 54% of the country against same-sex marriage, it’s legal in five states and on the table in many more including New York and New Jersey. There is hope, and change is coming fast.

So thanks for nothing, CA Supreme Court. You were wrong from a legal and moral standpoint, but let’s hope the winds of change continue to blow past you.



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