American Student Government Association Intro video

Freelance work leads me to the most interesting places. I got a call recently from Butch Oxendine of the ASGA, which just a few years ago gave my student government documentary a favorable review in their monthly publication. I created the five-minute introduction to their annual convention in Washington, DC. Not only does it pay the bills, but it’s fun meeting new people and interacting with different organizations. I also got to recruit my friend Adam Robbins for the voiceover. Video coming soon – hit some YouTube hiccups.

Other recent freelance gigs include work with Meerkat Media on Pushback Network’s annual leadership summit, assistant editing on Isaac Solotaroff’s Wham! Bam! Islam!, and transcription for Rory Kennedy’s Moxie Firecracker Films and Stefan Forbes’ Interpositive Media. I’ve been afforded a rich diversity of work and I hope that continues to be the case!



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