All you can JET?!


Wow. Props to JetBlue on some creative marketing and a fantastic deal.

I’ve always been jealous of flight attendants and those with the in connection who can fly wherever they want whenever they want. Ability to travel gives somebody so much power, especially because open travel is available to so few people.

But now JetBlue has made it open to the public for the month of September. If you’ve got $600 and a yen to spend the month traveling to ANY place JetBlue flies (yup, like Costa Rica), I hope you can do it. For a few weekend trips it’s probably not worth it.

I’m not going to take it, but here’s what I’d like to do one day. Turn off my phone, don’t buy any maps, and set out into the country with a few thousand dollars in the bank and some clothes and a sleeping bag in the back. I’d do at hitchhiking adventure, even. I’m not anywhere close to ready for that adventure, but one day I hope it will happen.



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