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Archive for August, 2009

Leaving for Greece, Bulgaria, Italy

I leave in a few hours for a trip to Greece, Bulgaria, and Italy. I may be posting oncer or twice, but I will be primarily video blogging when I have the chance! With a jailbroken iPhone, cycorder, and pixelpipe, I will be able to upload videos as soon as they are taken and they will automatically be syndicated across my blog, facebook, youtube, and twitter. I’m doing this mostly because technology gives me a boner, but I hope you enjoy the videos, and if you do it will be a double whammy.

An introduction to the video blog.

Have a good two weeks and don’t blow yourself up, America!


Liz at Digital Democracy recently turned me on to the Wordle. They have posted on their wall these awesome word clouds looking much like the ones below. takes any text you feed it and makes one of these. The size of the words is determined by how often the word appears, so more salient words are biggest and less sailent ones the smallest.

I decided to take all of my documents and create one. Then I made one for all my IM chats and all my emails. The results weren’t shocking, but I really can look at them and recognize my personality and the emails of the past years.

You can do these yourself! To create the documents one on a mac:

  1. Do a spotlight search within your documents folder for “.doc” – that will pull up all of the Word documents.
  2. Select them all and, holding down option, drag them to a new folder. BE SURE TO HOLD DOWN OPTION and make sure there is a little plus sign before you let go. Otherwise your documents will all move out of their little folders and into that one folder.
  3. Open up Automator (it’s in your Applications folder.) Choose a Custom project. Drag all the files into the window, and then drag in the “Convert Format of Word Document” action. Convert it to text. Then drag in “Combine Text Files,” then “New Text File.” Choose where to save it, and hit run!

If you make any wordles, post them in the comments!

Thoughts upon a midnight

Sometimes I have the urge to do things that make me seem like I’m a virus. Write my friends cryptic emails with tinyurl links, put junk comments in blogs. Ever heard of the Reverse Turing Test?

Other times my mind wanders to what would be the least appropriate thing to do in a situation, and I think about doing it. It’s not that I want to, but I fixate on how incredibly CRAZY it would be to do so. Ask my in private for some good examples.

Every once in a while I will put on my gym clothes, walk around talking to people about how I am headed to the gym, and then take a shower and change back into my normal clothes. It’s not that I mean to deceive, I just don’t quite make it. In truth, sometimes I know deep down it’s not going to happen. I’d like to see the hard evidence behind this asinine little tidbit of “news” that claims having a pot belly is now suddenly cool. I don’t think cool, so much as a fact of life, and what the average male physique looks like in such tight hipster clothing. I’m really tired of people going to Williamsburg, making pithy observations, and calling themselves trendwatchers.

Managed care in this country is so broken. There are a preponderance of doctors who don’t see themselves as partners in the care of your health, but as soulless revolving doors. Today I had my Orthopedist – Lester Lieberman near Grand Central, don’t go to him – interrupt my question of “so what is your diagnosis from the xrays? can I go running?” etc. with instructions to call a specialist, then hang up on me as soon as he could. We need a system that fundamentally changes the incentives towards making patients healthy and spending more than 5 minutes with a patient.

My god, New York City in the summer really is hot. I get wetter in the heat than I do in the rain. But you didn’t really want to know that, did you?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the distribution model of independent cinema and I think I have some answers. I’m not ready to talk about them yet, though.

I’m getting fed up with social interest documentaries. The tropes get tired out really, really quick. I’ll have a review of one of the ones I just saw at the RI Film Fest coming up soon.

Naps are beautiful. Coffee is dangerous. Nonprofits make the world go round, but what makes nonprofits go round? I may complain about Obama, but seriously – what a man.

All you can JET?!


Wow. Props to JetBlue on some creative marketing and a fantastic deal.

I’ve always been jealous of flight attendants and those with the in connection who can fly wherever they want whenever they want. Ability to travel gives somebody so much power, especially because open travel is available to so few people.

But now JetBlue has made it open to the public for the month of September. If you’ve got $600 and a yen to spend the month traveling to ANY place JetBlue flies (yup, like Costa Rica), I hope you can do it. For a few weekend trips it’s probably not worth it.

I’m not going to take it, but here’s what I’d like to do one day. Turn off my phone, don’t buy any maps, and set out into the country with a few thousand dollars in the bank and some clothes and a sleeping bag in the back. I’d do at hitchhiking adventure, even. I’m not anywhere close to ready for that adventure, but one day I hope it will happen.


Instructions to you, the viewer:




Now that you’ve understood where I am coming from, watch Jordan’s birthday present:

Rhode Island, more press, and a respite from insanity

Chilling with Jerry Stiller. You know how we do.

Chilling with Jerry Stiller. You know how we do.

This week has been an absolute whirlwind. After hosting a conversation with Sophie Barthes and Andrij Parekh of Cold Souls, I headed on a morning train to Rhode Island to catch the film festival.

The festival game is a perfect study in vested interests. A festival is looking to improve its stature, host big names and big movies, and provide a winning experience. A filmmaker wants to network and get a movie seen, seen, seen. And audiences try to plod through it all to find the real gems.

But Rhode Island International Film Festival, through its own special brand of Rhody magic, manages to transcend these petty limitations and becomes a true community of filmmakers and film buffs. Nowhere else that I have been have I seen such enduring friendships form, and by the end of a few short days a community emerge in support of each other. That’s your magic, RIIFF!

My film had over 60 people in the audience, and was shown in two venues: The URI Feinstein Campus and the beautiful Columbus Theater. Seeing my work, which has never been on a screen larger than a class projector or home theater, in an 800-seat theater, was something else. And minus a few sound issues, it looked great! I was astounded that something I shot on a 2000-era MiniDV camera could look so passable blown up to that size. This is mostly thanks to a lengthy and painful upres process I did using Magic Bullet Instant HD Advanced, which took a full two weeks of straight processing using two computers (!!), but was completely worth it for that extra clear image.

A high point of the festival was the keynote speech of the film forum, by Klaus Badelt. Klaus is the composer of many epic films including Pirates of the Carribean 1, but he’s also a great person. He is truly in it for the creative element; he couldn’t imagine doing Pirates again twice, with the same exact music, so went to China to work on The Bubble, an underwater theater with hundreds of speakers. So cool.

What resonated with me most from Klaus was his message about collaboration. “Most composers listen to a mix and ask the director to turn up the volume,” to paraphrase what he said. “I try to get as little music in as I can. I always listen to a scene without sound and see if I can cut things out.” It’s that lack of ego that really makes a person’s work successful and able to do the job. It’s the ability to look at a piece honestly and add to it where additions are needed, not where you want them there. It’s hard for me and I aspire to do better every day.

Other highlights include meeting Jerry Stiller at a party, sushi at Shark on Thayer with Sergey and Doug (don’t ever, ever go to Shark on Thayer,) and seeing other friends throughout the weekend.

The film also got some press coverage – a favorable review at Justin Katz’s Anchor Rising and a notification at Michael Morse’s Rescuing Providence.

Now I have a few weeks in New York before I go to Greece and Bulgaria with Suza. I’m using the time to edit Digital Democracy TV, try for a few job interviews, and catch up with friends and my pillows, both of which I have not seen very much of in recent weeks. It’s looking like I will have a job with Apple, but it’s hard to predict what will happen in a few weeks! Thank you all to those who came to the festival, and be sure to check out the film if you happen to be in Atlanta later this month!

Launch of Digital Democracy TV!

I’ve been involved for a few months with the good folks at Digital Democracy, who are working with groups around Burma’s border to bring better communication technology to the region. It began with a study by co-founders Emily Jacobi and Mark Belinsky, which found a correlation between access to technology and self-identification as an activist. They have since been striving to improve the ability of leaders in the area to hold meetings and exchange ideas through technology.

My time with Digital Demoocracy began with an interview in May with a brief interview. After asking about my interests in the project, skils, and time commitment, Mark said casually, “just out of curiosity, what kinds of technology do you use?” When I told them about my MacBook and iPhone, a relieved smile passed over Mark’s face. “I’m going to like working here,” I thought.

Next week Mark and Emily leave for the Burma border region, and we’re launching a TV show that chronicles their adventures as they happen. Myself and another intern will be editing it from the US Subscribe via RSS or just visit the page from time to time: I will also be posting periodic updates on this blog.

In other news, the Sophie Barthes event was a complete success. Meeting her and Andrij was excellent, and they had a lot of insightful things to say about filmmaking and where true inspiration comes from. Thanks to everyone who came, and do check out Cold Souls this weekend! I leave in a few hours for Rhode Island for the film festival; it will be nice to see old friends and make some awesome new ones!

Mashup party playlist

This past Saturday we had our mashup party, which I am happy to say was a roaring success. Many at the party have requested that I make the playlist available, so I have uploaded it to the web. There is the version I used, with videos for some of the songs, and then a version with audio only. (The music only version substitutes high-quality MP3s for most of the videos, so those few songs will sound a little better.) I did the actual mixing with Virtual DJ.

Download the playlist with video (941mb)

Download the playlist with video (941mb)

Download the playlist with audio only (592mb)

Download the playlist with audio only (592mb)

Special thanks to A&D from Bootie for the inspiration! If you are ever in San Fran, Los Angeles, NYC, Boston, Paris, Berlin, Munich, or many other countries, they do an amazing job.

These are the songs included:

  1. The Unusual Mr. Jones [Counting Crows vs. Tom Jones vs. Mike Jones]Voicedude
  2. Falling In September [Earth, Wind & Fire vs. The Beatles]Voicedude
  3. Come As The Starlight [Nirvana vs. The Supermen Lovers]Overdub
  4. Feel Good Roboto 2 [Gorillaz vs. Styx]Victor Menegaux
  5. Welcome To Summertime [Sublime vs. Damien Marley feat. The Notorious B.I.G.]DJ Johnny Red
  6. Move Girl [The Temptations vs. Ludacris]PhatBastard
  7. Dani Wanna Rock [Twisted Sisters vs. Red Hot Chilli Peppers]Synchronoize
  8. Dafter Stronger Gold Digger [A plus D]Kanye West vs. Daft Punk vs. Kanye West
  9. Stayin’ Alive In The Wall [Bee Gees vs. Pink Floyd]Wax Audio
  10. Switchin Alive [Bee Gees vs. Will Smith]Cheekyboy
  11. Where’s your URAQT Austin Powers [Quincy Jones vs. M.I.A. vs. Basement Jaxx]Dr. Waumiau
  12. Rehab (Can’t Help Myself) [The Four Tops vs. Amy Winehouse]Party Ben
  13. Young Folks in Rehab [Amy Winehouse vs. Peter Bjorn vs. John]DJ Topcat
  14. Wonderwall of Broken Songs [Green Day vs. Oasis vs. Travis vs. Eminem vs. Aerosmith]Party Ben
  15. My Life Would Suck Without You in My Place (Kelly Clarkson vs. Coldplay)DJ Earworm
  16. Heartless in a Bottle [The Fray vs. Black Eyed Peas vs. The Police vs. 2Pac vs. Alan Parsons Project]DJ Earworm
  17. Let It Be Me [Shaggy vs. The Beatles]Loo & Placido
  18. Funkytown Kiss [Lipps Inc. vs. Tom Jones]Rick Wain
  19. Good, Good Thing [Fine Young Cannibals vs. James Brown]Voicedude
  20. Beautiful Bob Relax By Me [Ben-E-King vs. Sean Kingston vs. Mika vs. Bob Marley]Icky
  21. Could You Be Kicked, Pushed & Loved [Bob Marley vs. Lupe Fiasco vs. James Brown]DJ Axel
  22. You Humped Me All Night Long [AC/DC vs. Black Eyed Peas]DJ Mei-Lwun
  23. House Of Klezmer (House Of Pain Vs. Amsterdam Klezmer Band)Faroff
  24. Benny Got Back [Benny Benassi vs. Sir Mix-A-Lot]Bass211
  25. Superwhoomp [Rick James vs. Tag Team]JayBee
  26. Back to Smoke [Deep Purple vs. Daft Punk vs. Jackson 5 vs. Beastie Boys]DJ Moule
  27. Black Beatles [Beatles vs. Black-Eyed Peas vs. Ludacris vs. Kelis]Loo & Placido
  28. The Low Anthem [Flo-Rida Vs. Pitbull Vs. Enur]DJ Tripp
  29. Duffy Train Running [Duffy vs. Doobie Brothers]DJ Y alias YJ
  30. It Takes Two To Kiss (Rob Base vs. Prince)DJ John
  31. The Twist of Single Ladies (Beyoncé vs. Chubby Checker) Amoraboy
  32. Roxanne Should Be Dancing (The Police Vs. The Bee Gees)DJ Zebra
  33. Low Dog (Bootie Edit) (Flo-Rida Vs. The Stooges Vs. Dakar & Grinser)DJ Fox
  34. God Shake The Queen [Fujikato vs. Ying Yang Twins vs. Eminem vs. Sean Paul]Robosonic The Hedgehog
  35. The Next Episode Will Rock You [Dr. Dre vs. Queen]TotoM
  36. Detox [Amy Winehouse vs. Britney Spears]King Of Pants
  37. Celeshake [Ying Yang Twins feat. Pitbull vs. Kool & the Gang]A plus D
  38. Children Of Rock [Queen vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Rage Against The Machine vs. ACDC vs. Joan Jett & Friends]ElectroSound
  39. Don’t Stop The Defense [Rihanna vs. T.O.K.]Dr. Waumiau
  40. Britney – Dead Or Alive? [Britney Spears vs. Dead Or Alive vs. Daft Punk]team9
  41. Rock In Black [Queen vs. AC/DC vs. Outkast vs. Led Zeppelin vs. Prince vs. The Beatles vs. Snoop & Dre vs. Crowded House]Michael Morgenstern
  42. Walkin’ Out Yo Girlfriend [Unk vs. Avril Lavigne vs. Toni Basil]Lobsterdust
  43. I Want You D.A.N.C.E. [Justice vs. Jackson 5]ComaR
  44. Shut Up, American Boy [Estelle vs. The Ting Tings]STV SLV / The Hood Internet
  45. Wannabe My Badd Bitch [Spice Girls vs. Ying Yang Twins feat. Mike Jones]The Silence Experiment
  46. Next Tequila [The Champs vs. Dr.Dre]Bass211
  47. The Way I Push It [Salt ‘n’ Pepa vs. Timbaland]Disfunctional DJ
  48. Do You Wanna Cuz It’s Tricky [Franz Ferdinand vs. Run-DMC vs. The Knack]Thriftshop XL
  49. Bootie IntroParty Ben
  50. Bootie IntroEarworm
  51. Dance Dreams [Lady Gaga vs. Eurythmics]Divide & Kreate
  52. Dance Freaky Wild Black Thing [Tone Loc Vs. Peaches Vs. Lady Gaga Vs. Rick James]DJ Faded
  53. Grand Slam Megamix [Napolean Dynamite vs. DQwon vs. Eminem vs. Eurythmics vs. Eric Prydz vs. In Da Club vs. Benny Bennasi vs. Dave Chappelle]CB Shaw
  54. Upgrade the Casbah [Beyonce vs. The Clash vs. Nelly Furtado vs. Ofra Haza]K2
  55. Crank Dat Ugly Girlfriend [Soulja Boi Tell ‘Em vs. Avril Lavigne vs. Daphne & Celeste vs. Toni Basil]Titus Jones
  56. Do You Wanna Cuz It’s Tricky My Sharona [Franz Ferdinand vs. Run DMC vs. The Knack]Thriftshop XL
  57. Let Me Think About Where I Got It From [Fedde Le Grand vs. Ida Corr vs. Will.I.Am]DJ Scott GSpot
  58. The Brits are Playing at my House [Beatles vs. LCD Soundsystem vs. The Kinks]FAROFF
  59. Galvanize the Club [Chemical Bros vs. Sean Paul]DJ A-Team
  60. You’re the One That I Want in the Next Episode [Dre vs. Snoop Dogg vs. Grease]Disfunctional DJ
  61. I Want You Back All Summer Long [Jackson 5 vs. Kid Rock]Calmucho
  62. Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up [Nirvana vs. Rick Astley]DJ Morgoth
  63. No More Gas [Rihanna vs. Kardinal Offishall ft. Akon vs. Ne-Yo vs. Estelle ft. Kanye vs. Pussycat Dolls vs. Leona Lewis vs. Danity Kane vs. Madonna, Timbaland, & JT vs. Lupe Fiasco ft. Matthew Santos vs. Britney vs. Flo-Rida ft. T-Pain]DJ Earworm
  64. So What, I Don’t Care! [Pink vs. Fall Out Boy]oDyss
  65. Get Me Summer Love [Beyonce vs. Justin Timberlake]VitorioAP
  66. Tick Toxic [Britney Spears vs. Gwen Stefani]DJ Surge-N
  67. Hey We Will Rock You [Queen vs. Outkast]DJ Prince
  68. Boom Boom PauSuper Mash Bros.
  69. From Honor Roll To Out Of ControlSuper Mash Bros.
  70. Gucci Loafers (Our First Paycheck)Super Mash Bros.
  71. NPH FTWSuper Mash Bros.
  72. @LaurenConrad Get Us On The Hills!Super Mash Bros.
  73. Adler Girl Pt. II (I Can Change!)Super Mash Bros.
  74. This Is Definitely Not The 405Super Mash Bros.
  75. Jaein Off On My Day OffSuper Mash Bros.
  76. Kisses & ThugsSuper Mash Bros.
  77. Still BleedingSuper Mash Bros.
  78. Fixies & FerrarisSuper Mash Bros.
  79. Livin The Dream (I’m On A Float)Super Mash Bros.
  80. Bruce Willis Was Dead The Whole TimeSuper Mash Bros.
  81. Play Your Part (Pt. 1)Girl Talk
  82. Shut The Club DownGirl Talk
  83. Still HereGirl Talk
  84. What It’s All AboutGirl Talk
  85. Set It OffGirl Talk
  86. No PauseGirl Talk
  87. Like ThisGirl Talk
  88. Give Me A BeatGirl Talk
  89. Hands In The AirGirl Talk
  90. In StepGirl Talk
  91. Let Me See YouGirl Talk
  92. Here’s The ThingGirl Talk
  93. Don’t StopGirl Talk
  94. Play Your Part (Pt. 2)Girl Talk
  95. Gimme More Rock BitchSuper Mash Bros.
  96. Monsieur Fischel, La Tour EiffelSuper Mash Bros.
  97. I’m Onto Something (That’s What She Said) Super Mash Bros.
  98. Broseidon, Lord Of The BroceanSuper Mash Bros.
  99. I Fucking Bleed Purple And GoldSuper Mash Bros.
  100. Stop That Booty (Here We Come)Super Mash Bros.
  101. Future Dads (Platinum Edition)Super Mash Bros.
  102. I’m An Adler GirlSuper Mash Bros.
  103. Meet Me At Fantasy IslandSuper Mash Bros.
  104. Deuteronomy BluntsSuper Mash Bros.
  105. D.G.A.F.L.Y.FSuper Mash Bros.
  106. Testarossas For Everyone!Super Mash Bros.

And, if you’re wondering about the source of the title:

XKCD: Tag Combination

XKCD: Tag Combination