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Castle on High screening at Docufest Atlanta!

Castle on High at Docufest Atlanta, August 30!

Castle on High at Docufest Atlanta, August 30!

Great news! I just received an email from Eric Panter, Festival Director of the Atlanta Underground Film Festival, with the announcement that Castle on High will now be screening at Docufest Atlanta! If you will be in Atlanta on August 30 at 6:00 PM or know somebody who will, come down to see some solid cinema at what is looking to be a solid festival!

You can see the film’s page here.

In other news, my event with Sophie Barthes is on August 5. Anybody in New York City has no excuse to not be coming to hear such a fabulous director speak. Then the two screenings of Castle on High at the Rhode Island International Film Festival will be on August 8th and 9th. Expect recaps from all three events!

Castle on High at the Rhode Island Film Festival!

Well, the time has finally come when I can show you all my movie at the film festival. It’s going to be a fantastic experience, and I really hope you all can make it! The film festival will be a great opportunity to get my work out there and meet with other awesome filmmakers.

Check it out and RSVP on Facebook!

Click to RSVP on Facebook!

Click to RSVP on Facebook!

Old Jews Telling Jokes

Oy vey!

Oy vey!

A couple is in a store, and the woman, a kleptomaniac, has stolen a can of peaches. The judge tells her, “there were six peaches, so you have to go to jail for six nights to learn your lesson.” Her husband stands up and says, “your honor, she also stole a can of peas!”

Ah, the Jewish joke. Classic, delightful, and toches-slappingly raunchy. It’s as delish as matzoh ball soup, but nowhere near as bland. With Woody Allen and Larry David aging and no successors showing up with the same breed of old-country meets new problems, our kvetch-a-day role models are becoming less and less mainstream.

So we document and we celebrate and we turn to … and we enjoy a little schtik before it goes kaput!

I'm Back

Ladies and Gentlemen who have been dutifully following my blog,

I apologize that there has been nothing to dutifully follow. I have thrown myself into a number of terribly exciting endeavors, which I will explain over the next few days. I’m working with a Darfur-related organization, an acting conservatory affiliated with NYU, and doing some freelance editing. I am in the final stages of interviewing for a job at Apple, and am continuing my employment search for other opportunities.

I’ve been visiting friends over weekends. This weekend 30 alumni from my fraternity (AEPi) descended on New York; I hosted 7 of them. In two weeks we host a party, and in three my film premieres at the RI International Film Festival in a few weeks (I’ll have the exact date soon.)

Another thing changing is the priority of this blog, and I promise I am back for the summer to regale you with tales of just about everything under the sun!

Effects shot for Imaginary Friend

I created this several-second shot for a friend a few months back. Scenes like this one are difficult for a filmmaker because, unless you have a very big budget, you can only create a hole in a wall once. This means that some scenes have to be shot without the hole, hence the need for visual effects.

This was an involved process (though it may not look it) that required repainting the shirt sleeve and bedpost, compensating for camera motion, and complicated drawing. Enjoy!

Reflecting back on Gala Bruno

What it means to be a college graduate.

Almost a year ago, I gave a speech at the Los Angeles Brown Alumni kickoff event, Gala Bruno. I was just out of college and overwhelmed by the new uncertainty of being suddenly unattached. I tried to convey this experience and sum up what made my experiences at Brown so meaningful. For me, it was not the success and intelligence of Brown students, but the community we formed together.

Mashup party invite

As a late housewarming, our apartment is having a party on August 1. I’ve introduced the rest of my housemates to the mashup craze after getting ever more obsessed myself, so we decided to make a mashup-themed party. This will be complete with mashup music, mashup video, mashup clothing, and of course, mashup drinks. If you have any ideas for mashup drinks I’d love to hear them in the comments.

Here’s the poster I made:

Sichael Levinestern and Jaddie DiPisarcik

Sichael Levinestern and Jaddie DiPisarcik

Desperately seeking a yearly clock

Astronomical clock in Old Town Square, Prague

Astronomical clock in Old Town Square, Prague

I’ve been scouring the internet for this everywhere, and I’ve concluded it’s not being sold. I’m looking for a large clock (about two feet or more in diameter) that ticks once a day and goes in a circle once a year. It would have watercolor paintings of the four seasons in each quadrant. Rather than actual dates, the top and bottome would be the summer and winter solstices. Perhaps more information could be overlaid on the clock, like angle of the sun in the sky.

Any ideas how to make one of these?