Director of narrative, commercial, and virtual reality

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Project Greenlight finalist | Short about sex, death, existence, time

Lily in the Grinder

Shabbat Dinner

Comedy short about coming out | Featured in 55+ festivals

Search is Back

Featured on TechCrunch | 7k users per day

Global event handing out nametags on first Sat in June

Nametag Day

Uber Forecast

Tracking Uber's surge pricing to guess what the weather might be

Archive for July, 2004



Running time: 3:30

Boy likes girl, but he is very inexperienced. Restraint tells a quick, playful tale of attraction.

New York Film Academy
Florence, Italy

The Engagement


Running time: 1:16

The assignment was to tell an entire story using just one shot. See how much you can figure out.

New York Film Academy
Florence, Italy

Amazing Grace


Running time: 3:50

A music video set to Leann Rimes’ haunting rendition of "Amazing Grace." A heart attack and a love lost…

New York Film Academy
Florence, Italy